Nebraska’s Hilarious Highway Howdy: Bull Rides Shotgun in Unusual Traffic Stop

Mahat Kuri

Nebraska's Hilarious Highway Howdy: Bull Rides Shotgun in Unusual Traffic Stop

In a moo-ving spectacle that left even the cows scratching their heads, a car cruising through the bovine-blessed highways of northeast Nebraska’s largest town caught the attention of local law enforcement. But don’t worry, folks, this wasn’t a daring steer-heist in progress!

Norfolk Police Capt. Chad Reiman shared the hilarious tale of the day when a 911 call sent officers on a wild bull chase. Yes, you heard that right – a bull, not a bull’s-eye. A modified Ford Crown Victoria sedan was spotted with an unlikely co-pilot, a bull named Howdy Doody, riding shotgun.

“It didn’t take long for us to track down the vehicle,” Reiman chuckled, “but we didn’t have a full understanding of it until we saw it.” You see, this car, driven by the enigmatic Lee Meyer, has undergone some rather ‘udderly’ bizarre alterations. The windshield and part of the roof were removed to accommodate Howdy Doody’s grand entrance. A yellow metal cattle gate acted as the passenger side door, and a pair of longhorns made for the quirkiest hood ornament in town.

“It wouldn’t go far without being noticed for sure,” Reiman remarked, with a twinkle in his eye.

The traffic stop, captured on video by News Channel Nebraska, quickly became an internet sensation, giving the term “bullish driving” a whole new meaning. Lee Meyer proudly displayed a parade sign from last month’s event in Burwell, where Howdy Doody’s fabulous car ride earned the prestigious title of “Best Car Entry” in Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade.

Curiously, Meyer had driven his beloved bovine in a proper trailer to that very parade, leaving everyone pondering why he decided to pack the bull into his car and embark on a 36-mile adventure from Neligh to Norfolk.

Unfortunately, Meyer remained as elusive as a bull at a china shop, dodging phone calls seeking an explanation. His wife, Rhonda, however, had some insights to share. She affectionately described Howdy Doody as her husband’s “friend and buddy” for the past eight or nine years. Videos of Lee Meyer chauffeuring Howdy Doody around town can be readily found online, dating back to 2017 and 2019.

Rhonda jokingly revealed, “Lee thinks he’s a movie star now” after their viral traffic stop, though she added that he’s actually a bit camera-shy. While Howdy Doody has become a cherished family member, Rhonda couldn’t help but tease her husband about the hefty investment in this peculiar project. “The amount of money he’s spent on this whole darn project between the car and the bull, I could’ve had a brand new kitchen,” she laughed.

In the end, Reiman admitted that there were indeed some traffic violations related to Meyer’s car. But instead of handing out a hefty fine, the officer decided to let him off with a “moo-tivation” to turn around and take Howdy Doody back home. As Reiman summed it up, “We’ve never dealt with anything quite like that before.” It seems Norfolk’s traffic stops just got a whole lot more entertaining – and utterly bizarre!

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